Redshaw’s send NEWSFLASH 5/8/17

Hi all

Thank you so much for your prayers. God has been very gracious to us & Cyclone Donna has passed by us in the night, out at sea – so we had less wind & rain last night than we have had all week!! 🙂

I believe it is currently weakening, but heading for New Caledonia, so please now pray for it to veer slightly east after passing the southern islands of Vanuatu to avoid New Caledonia as well ….

Thank you,

The Redshaws

The Redshaws are in Vanuatu (May 2017)


John & Rosemaree Redshaw (South Pacific Regional Director) will be in Vanuatu for the next two months with limited electricity and communication as they will be training local pastors and church leaders. Vanuatu is a South Pacific archipelago of 83 small islands with a population of 200,000 people. It is approximately 1,000 miles northeast of Australia. They arrived  in Vanuatu on Saturday, April 29th and are praying to get a visa to extend their visit through the end of July. They are planning to visit classes and conduct training workshops on 5 islands. Please pray that God will give safety in travels, good communication to set up meetings and wisdom to lead the training events. Pray that God continues to develop good relationships with the pastors and churches in Vanuatu. Pray for Rosemaree to have good health as she is still recovering from a recent surgery.