June 2018: Fulfilling Jesus’ last command to us

Message From the President

Greetings from muggy Brandon, FL. Last week Mindy and I had the opportunity to spend a week’s vacation with our kids and grandkids. Beside our hotel last Monday, there was a Memorial Day celebration around a monument with about 150 people, including Vietnam War veterans and representatives from each military branch. I am truly thankful for all the men and women that have fought for our nation to protect our freedoms. Through the lives and sacrifice of many people, we have the freedom and the resources as a nation to make a global impact for the glory of God. In many ways, I believe that the Lord has blessed the USA for this very purpose. We have the freedom, the training, and the resources to make disciples of all nations and thus, fulfill Jesus’ last command to us (Mt. 28:16-20; Mk. 16:15; Luke 24:44-45; John 20:21; and Acts 1:8). We do not exist just to accumulate more toys, houses, and possessions and insulate ourselves from the ills, diseases, and wars around the world. But God has commissioned us for an important purpose, i.e. to make disciples of all nations. Together we can leverage the freedoms, resources, and training the Lord has given us for this very purpose for God’s glory.

Dr. David Nelson

President and Founder


Statistical Update


The South Bay Church, Riverview, FL class had its graduation dinner for three BTCP graduates.

BTCP Graduation: 6 graduates from Orion, Bataan and12 graduates from Lipa City, Batangas.

Testimonies from SE Asia

“I am X, the leader of X church. On this occasion I would like to give the testimony about my training. I have had many trainings in the past. I do not mean to humiliate my past training, but I would like to say, in truth, from my personal understanding, I dare say that the BTCP brought by your ministry is the best training program I have ever had. It has given me more insight and when I graduated it made me want to teach and share this lesson to others. I did promote and suggest others to study in this program, so I now opened the class in my own church. There are 13 students and after this class, I promise that I will open more classes for the sake of the Kingdom of God!”

One of our staff in an Asia Communist country recently told of a great alumni meeting. He reports…”On May 26-27 we had a conference of CCI staff and alumni. There were 27 people attending. We talked about the possibility for the opening of new classes, supported by their own students, the local church, and from the alumni who graduated from BTCP.  We also talked about holding more Teacher Training Workshop for other pastors to attend. In our agreement, the alumni and some local churches (only few churches knew and accepted CCI ministry before this time) are willing to support a part for the new classes and we will encourage the students to participate.


We focus on equipping, multiplying, and empowering servant leaders for Christ’s kingdom and glory.

Prayerfully consider giving to God’s work through CCI!

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Project for Needy Pastors & Church Workers

Every year we print or order at least 10,000 training manuals. In every country, there are pastors who cannot afford to purchase a training manual. Many times, these training manuals and their Bible is the only library they have. A pastor’s library costs $100. Please consider helping us provide a pastor’s library.

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Privacy Policy Update

We have updated our Privacy Policy, please review here.
This policy reflects compliance with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The General Data Protection Regulation came into force on May 25, 2018.
It affects companies located in and outside the European Union.
The key principle of GDPR is giving consumers control of their data. When it comes to user data, consumers will have more control. You will be able to access the personal data being stored by companies and find out where and for what purpose it is being used. You will also have the right to be forgotten. This means you can ask whoever is controlling your data to erase it and potentially stop third parties processing it.
For more information on the EU GDPR, please click here.

CCI Update

Tom Smith

Tom Smith has been serving as the Vice President of Donor Relations for the past 16 months. He was tasked with communicating with donors and potential donors to raise up new levels of financial support for the ministry of CCI. He has worked faithfully and diligently at this task. He has shown loyalty to the ministry of CCI. However, we have not seen the new levels of funds realized that helped underwrite his salary. After much prayer, we are sorry to say that as of May 1, 2018, Tom was relieved of his responsibilities with CCI. We are praying for God to guide Tom as he trusts the Lord Jesus for his future. Please lift up Tom in your prayers.


AJM Reddy

We are thankful for the 6 years of service AJM Reddy has given to develop the CCI Ministry in India. In June 2018, Reddy retired to spend time with his family and to improve his health. He will always be a dear friend to CCI India.


Commit To Praying

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By praying, we together can reach the world for Christ.


Thank you for praying and for giving! Through your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 1:19), the CCI ministry is growing and is effectively equipping God’s servants to make a difference in their communities for the glory of God.