April 2019 Newsletter

Message From the President

April 2019

Good evening from Indianapolis! Keith Arnold (CCI missionary to Northern Mexico) and I are attending the Gospel Coalition annual conference this week. The conference focuses on clearly and passionately articulating the gospel in a postmodern world. In the last 20 years, America has drastically changed and according to Erwin Lutzer, we are like exiled Judah living in Babylon.

Last month, while training 25 church planters in Albania, I met Gusti. Gusti shared how he heard the gospel for the first time. Because his village was so remote, a helicopter brought the Jesus Film and a group of evangelists to his village. He heard about Jesus for the first time.
The majority of people today do not need a helicopter to bring the story of Jesus to them. They need faithful servants to bring the good news. In Colossians 1:7, we learn from Paul that Epaphras, a “faithful minister of Christ” proclaimed the gospel to them and the fruit of faith, love, and hope was produced in their lives (1:3-5).

When God’s faithful servants proclaim the gospel in the power of His Spirit, God through the gospel produces the fruit of faith, love, and hope.

This is the ministry of CCI – equipping faithful servants who will proclaim God’s wonderful news of Jesus in the power of His Holy Spirit!

Would you consider making a generous donation to help support NATIONAL COORDINATORS who will expand our ministry to new areas in Albania and other countries? Help us equip faithful servants who will proclaim the gospel and God will produce the fruit in the lives of people around the world for His glory!


Grace and peace,

Dr. David Nelson
President and Founder


Please take a minute to watch this video to hear how God’s church is expanding in Albania.

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In March, if you guessed that David was is in India, you were correct!
David Nelson had the honor and privilege to speak at the graduation
held at Jesus Christ Gospel Church in India this March.
Congratulations to the 18 BTCP/L graduates.

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By praying, we together can reach the world for Christ.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15

Thank you for praying and for giving! Through your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 1:19), the CCI ministry is growing and is effectively equipping God’s servants to make a difference in their communities for the glory of God.
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