Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean

Population: 11,204,351

Language: Spanish

Ethnic Groups: Hispanic 98% (White Hispanic 62%, Mulatto/Mestizo, 25%, Black 11%), Asian 1%, and Other (Haitian, Russian, and Palestinian) 1%.

Income: Average income per person is $2,300/yr.

Capital: Havana (pop. 2,130,000)

Religion: 56.53% Christian (48% Catholic, 8% Protestant); 25.01% non religious, 18% Ethnoreligionist; <1% Hindu and Chinese Buddhist.

Government: Communist

History: Cuba gained independence from Spain in 1898.  The Communist revolution in 1959 brought communism to power under Fidel Castro.  After Fidel passed authority to his brother, Raul, in 2008, economic reforms were instituted which has benefited the people.  However, these reforms did not impact the civil or political realms.  Since 2008 the government has relieved some of the pressure felt by practicing Christians and has led to a large increase in professing believers and a rapid growth in house churches throughout Cuba.

CCI Ministry in Cuba: In 2016, CCI traveled to Cuba to evaluate the need for pastoral training in Cuba.  During that trip, several pastors indicated a need to train the leaders of house churches and Houses of Prayer throughout the country.  The size of these local fellowships range from a dozen to several hundred individuals led by lay leaders.  Most lay leaders have had little or no access to formal ministry training in Cuba.  CCI staff will be returning in 2017 to train seminary trained pastors of local churches to provide Biblical leadership training to their affiliated house church lay leaders.  For more information and project needs, please contact us.

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