February 2019 Newsletter

Message From the President

February 2019

Greetings from a hotel in LA! Aaron Issler, CCI Regional Coordinator over the Western USA, and I are in LA on the way to American Samoa tomorrow. This week we will be training pastors of Manomalo Baptist Church through our Teacher Training Workshop. Our goal is to see them equip growing disciples who will serve God in many capacities. As American Samoa has sent many men to play in the NFL, our prayer is to see the Church equip and mobilize missionaries throughout the South Pacific for the glory of God. Pray for God to multiply our efforts this week.

Recently I received some encouraging emails regarding our training. One was from a partnering ministry in India. He testified the following:

“We are so excited to see how things are going in India with the BTCP classes. We are so grateful for this partnership with you. The first group of students are doing wonderful. Steeven, our national partner, has really caught the vision for this after experiencing the classes and seeing what the students are being taught. He can’t wait to expand it to other areas where he is serving.”

Some of our classes are through partner ministries, like Shepherding the Nations, Crosspoint, Global Partners, and many indigenous ministries. Other classes are led by our team of coordinators.

One of our directors shared the testimony from one of his disciples:
“I longed to have a chance to take formal Biblical study for long time but no opportunity because of the conditions but now I am very happy and enjoy what I learn from the BTCP program. Since I have learned this I wish my own pastor and other pastors to study this too. We confess that our church is the traditional church and a pastor is the only one key person who will transform the church to be the kind of disciple making church.”

Pray that we can expand through both ministry models – through like-minded partner ministries and through our team. Our goal is to see the training multiplied throughout the world through discipleship relationships formed by our equipping classes through faithful men and women who handle God’s Word faithfully.

Grace and peace,

Dr. David Nelson
President and Founder

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2018 snapshot of CCI Goals:
To glorify God by equipping Christ followers globally with comprehensive training for effective ministry.
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