June 2019 Newsletter

Message From the President

Faithful until the End! How one servant of God, faithfully equipped leaders for effective ministry even with his last breaths”

On May 17, 2019, Pastor Max Caindoy passed away and entered the presence of the Lord. I first met Pastor Max in 1987. He was leading a church in Deuro, Bohol, one town away from where we lived. Later he moved to the same town where we served. After his time there, he moved on to another town and pastored another church. We lost touch with each other for a while until the mid-1990s. He attended one of the first Teacher Training Workshops that I led in the Philippines.

His whole perspective on serving a church changed with that workshop. Instead of doing all the work of the ministry, he began training and equipping others to do the work of ministry. In the last church he started in Loon, Bohol, he trained a young man named Sammy to serve as the pastor. In June 2001, I invited him to join our small team of coordinators, along with me and Henry Ventura. For the next 4 years, Henry, Max, and Jun, accompanied me throughout the Philippines. We traveled together, ate together, stayed together, prayed together, laughed together, and served together.
Max served as the Central Visayas Coordinator for CCI. During his service, he trained over 400 local church leaders. More than 50 of them on their own initiative started local churches. Three of the areas where he devoted much of his time included Valencia, Talibon, and Tagbillaran, Bohol. It is obvious that he made a tremendous impact in the lives of those he trained.
Pastor Castor, an 83 year old farmer, teaches Bible studies, walking with his grandson for up to 8 miles (13 km). Fredo started a church in Albuquerque, Bohol. Fredo did lawn work for us while we lived in the Philippines and later served as the maintenance man for the church we started in Tagbilaran. He decided to attend Max’s trainings and God transformed his life and he went to Albuquerque and started a village church.
Max also trained 68 fishermen from the islands surrounding Talibon, Bohol. There are 26 islands surrounding Talibon. Max and these fishermen methodically planted churches on all these islands.  I had the privilege of visiting with many of these storm-tested men. The joy I experienced surpassed the tiring days of travel to reach there. On the last day of his life early in the morning at 6 am, Max taught them for 30 minutes and urged them not to be a traditional pastor who does all the work and doesn’t equip others for ministry. He passed away about 6 hours later that day. Max’s service fulfilled Isaiah 42:12, which says Let them give glory to the Lord and proclaim his praise in the islands.
One day we will meet Max and the many disciples he made who are making more disciples for the glory of God’s name and renown throughout all the earth!

Grace and peace,

Dr. David Nelson
President and Founder


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