May 2019 Newsletter

Message From the President

May 2019

In March I had the privilege of visiting our staff in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and India. In many of these countries, I watched our coordinators lead ministry. What a blessing it was for me to see them serve effectively. In Cambodia, I attended a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW). I led two sessions alongside Sitha, Cambodia National Director, who led the rest. I was encouraged and full of joy as I saw the Lord working through him. Here is a picture of one of the lessons during the workshop.

Sitha later wrote: “Pastor Timothy and his assistant acted out this event in Moses’ life (Exodus 17:8-16) during the TTW in Siem Reap last month. The staff Moses held up revealed his weakness, i.e. that he could not do it by himself and that he needed Aaron and Hur to stand with him. The ministry is like Moses’ staff; ministry is difficult and heavy, and it quickly reveals our weaknesses. We need other godly men to help us carry the load. No one person has all the gifts and abilities. Many times, we cannot see our personal weaknesses until we work with others.”

This demonstrates the effectiveness and necessity of godly men and women serving with CCI. Over 70 coordinators now serve with CCI – some of them are part time and some are full time.

When the Lord clearly opens the doors into a new country and we find that there are no “trained” trainers, we start by leading classes with a few key pastors. We teach them with the expectation that the Lord will work in their hearts to become future trainers. As these trainers develop and mature by teaching classes, God calls them to serve with us as area coordinators. As they prove faithfulness, we partner with them to become coordinators or directors over their country. In Cambodia, Sitha was once a teacher who proved faithfulness and now is the National Director.

In the picture above, we see two pastors acting out the part of Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ hands. You can also hold up the hands of a servant leader like Sitha. Not only are we praying for the Lord to raise up godly coordinators, but also godly ministry partners who will pray, financially support, and go with us to visit these areas to see what God is doing and see how we can be involved. One ministry partner, Bud from PA, went with us two years ago and was encouraged when he saw the effectiveness of the CCI ministry model.

Will you be the Aaron and Hur for new coordinators who will implement the CCI mission, vision, and model?

God can use YOU to impact the world for the kingdom of God. Please consider making a monthly gift to support new national coordinators.

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Grace and peace,

Dr. David Nelson
President and Founder

Thank you for donating to support new National Coordinators.


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Mark 16:15

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