Connecting with CCI

Greetings Ministry Partner

We rejoice that you would like to connect with the ministry of CCI. This ministry is touching the lives of thousands of pastors and church leaders in more than 30 countries with comprehensive training in the Word of God and practical ministry skills.

If you are praying for CCI ministry, financially investing in CCI, attending CCI functions, receiving our newsletter, checking out the CCI website or sharing this ministry with your friends or church, it is important for you to CONNECT with CCI.

To connect financially:

Once you click the link below, you will be taken to a donation portal where you will need to:

  • select or type in the donation amount
  • make a recurring donation by clicking on “Monthly”
  • choose when to start your monthly gift
  • select the “Purpose” from the drop-down menu
  • choose the Name of Missionary, Staff or Project
  • enter donor & billing information
  • hit “Submit”

Click here to go to donation page

To connect via monthly newsletter and/or Prayer Advocate email: Subscribe here.

If you have any questions, please contact