Tampa Bay & Thailand

Dear Ministry Partner,

Mindy and I have been training national church leaders in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. As we see the news of the hurricanes in Houston and in Florida, our hearts go out to all of you. We have lifted you up to the throne of God asking Him to help you face this by His grace. Irma has just passed our house in Brandon just a few minutes ago. Our son, David Jr., is staying there and we have been in touch with him and our daughter and family who are in Sanford. To all our family, supporters, and friends in the Tampa Bay area, we love you and look forward to seeing you and assessing the situation there when we get home next week.

What an increase for God’s glory! Last month, we arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand and met with 52 teachers and 3 staff members of CCI Thailand for their annual Teachers’ Conference. Pastor Kittikun Meetang leads the ministry in Thailand. During his service, we have seen the ministry grow from just 2 teachers 10 years ago to over 50 now and 3 staff members.

Kittikun is the national director. Chartri, from the Karen hilltribe, leads classes in his area in northern Thailand. Four of Chartri’s trainees have started churches over the last 2 years. Ekkarak leads classes in the Isaan area (eastern Thailand). One new church has been started in the Isaan area. The Isaan area is the second most unreached area in Thailand.

Pray for additional coordinators so that one day we can provide training for all areas of Thailand so workers can be mobilized to reach Thailand for Christ. We were so encouraged by their reports and testimonies. I also had the opportunity to train them in the Advanced Expository Preaching Seminar.

Bud from the Philadelphia area accompanied us to see what God is doing through CCI. Please watch his video here. We also visited teachers along the Mekong River area who are working with children who would otherwise be subjected to the sex trafficking. Nine pastors and leaders from Laos crossed over to Thailand so we could celebrate their graduation. Thank God with us for the increase He is giving!

Grateful for you!


Grace and peace,

Dr. David Nelson
Founder & President