The Central American Republic of Guatemala borders Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador and has costal access to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  This a land of mountains, volcanoes, lakes and rainforests.

Population: 14,376,881

Language: The national language is Spanish, but there are 23 recognized Amerindian languages and many distinct dialects.

Ethnic Groups: 53% mixed European and Indian Latinos, 44% Amerindian (36% Maya, and the rest from a 31 different people groups), and 2.3% mixed of Korean, Chinese, Arab, Garifuna, Western and others.

Income: Average income per person is $2,850/yr.

Capital: Guatemala City (pop. 1,104,072)

Religion: 96.12% Christian (55.19% Catholic, 19.23% Protestant); 3.5% non-religious, <1% each Ethno religionist, Buddhist, Chinese, and Muslim.

Government: Democratic Republic

History: Guatemala gained independence from Spain in 1821 and became a part of the Federation of Central American States.  They gained independence from the FCAS in 1938, but fell under the control of a few powerful plantation owners through a series of dictatorships and military governments.  The 1960s saw Guatemala embroiled in a 36 year long civil war in which the US military became involved.  During the way, estimates are that over 1 million Guatemalans were forcefully displaced and nearly 250,000 became international refugees.  Peace was finally brokered in 1996 leading to elections and a more stable government.

CCI Ministry in Guatemala: In 2017 a team of trainers from the US traveled to Guatemala to train CCI trainers to provide comprehensive training for Pastors, church leaders and church planters.  Since March 2017, classes are available in Xela province.

In 2019, there are 3 classes with 40 students in training with CCI.

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