Mexico is Latin America’s third largest country with a population of 112 million people.


Population: 112.3 million

Language: Spanish (but with 297 different languages spoken throughout Mexico).

Ethnic Groups: 65.1% Mestizo (Mexican/Spanish), 13.6% Euro-American, 19.3% Amer-Indian (including Aztec, Maya, Zapoteco, Otomi, Mixteco, Mixe and others).

Income: Average income per person is $10,200.

Capital: Mexico City

Religion: 95.03% Christian, 3.6% non-religious, 1.27% Ethnoreligionist, and <0.1% Buddhist, Jewish, Baha’I and Muslim.

Government: Federal republic

History: The sophisticated Aztec Empire was destroyed by the Spanish and smallpox in the 1500s. The country was granted independence from Spain in 1821.The 1910-1917 Revolution established a single-party federal democracy with power centralized in the president and the Institutional Revolutionary Party.In 2000 and opposition party was elected and now several parties contest for leadership in a federal republic.

CCI Ministry in Mexico: Leadership training is the key to the future health of the Church in Mexico. There are over 100 Protestant Bible schools and seminaries training thousands of leaders at all levels. Financial constraints and location are the largest limiting factor inhibiting those who want advanced training for ministry. CCI provides affordable, accessible, sound, Bible-based training which prepares individuals for Pastoral ministry, Church planting, and cross-cultural missions within their local church.

In 2019, there are 3 classes with 46 students in training with CCI.

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