The Central American Republic of Honduras spans the Isthmus between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean between Guatemala in the North and Nicaragua on the South.  Honduras is a mountainous land with rain forests and fertile coastal plains.

Population: 7,615,584

Language: Spanish is the official language, but English is frequently spoken in the Northern regions.  In addition 13 Indigenous languages are recognized.

Ethnic Groups: Mestizo- 85%; 7.9% Amerindican; Afro-American-2%; White Latino-2%; <1% Arab, Jamaican, or other.

Income: Average income per person is $1,826/yr.

Capital: Tegucigalpa (pop. 1,027,976)

Religion: 96.64% Christian (79.77 Catholic, 19.37% Protestant) ;1.9% non religious, <1% each of Ethnoreligionist, Baha’i, Muslim, and Buddhist..

Government: Democracy

History: Honduras gained independence from Spain in 1821, but 134 revolutions or revolts were experienced until 1932. For much of the 20th Century the country was ruled by the Military, but in 1984 a democratic Civilian government has been in power, though hampered by interference from the local military or other nations.

CCI Ministry in Honduras:  In 2017 a team of trainers from the US travelled to Guatemala to train CCI trainers in Guatemala and Honduras to provide comprehensive training for Pastors, church leaders and church planters.  Since March 2017, classes are available in Tegucigalpa.

In 2019, there are 1 class with 22 students in training with CCI.

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