Antiqua is a volcanic island in the Caribbean.

Population: 88,550

Language: English, English Creole

Ethnic Groups: African-Caribbean, 83.8%, Euro-American, 15.8%, Other, 0.3%

Income: Average income per person is $14,556.

Capital: St.John

Religion: 92.5% Christian; 3.7% Ethnoreligionist; 2.1% non religious, <1% each of Baha’i, Muslim, and Hindu.

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

History: Antigua was a British colony for 349 years, gaining independence in 1981.

CCI Ministry in Antiqua: Antigua is largely Christian and 30% of the population is Urban.  CCI began partnering with a church in St John in 2016 and will begin offering training to church leaders throughout the island nation in 2017. For more information and project needs, please contact us.

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