Canada is the world’s second largest country with a wide diversity of topography including mountains, prairie, grasslands and forests, but much of the country is sparsely populated and consists of arctic tundra.


Population: 33.8 Million

Language: French and English

Ethnic Groups: 80.0% European orgin (36% British, 15.8% French, 14.5% mixed, 13.5% Other European), 11.7% Asian, and 2.9% Indigenous.

Income: Average income per person is $ 45,085.

Capital: Ottawa

Religion: 72.07% Christian (40% Catholic, 9% protestant), 19.09% non-religious, 2.9% Muslim, <2% Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and other.

Government: Constructional Monarchy with a multiparty parliamentary democracy.

History: Canada ceased to be a British colony in 1867 when it became the Dominion of Canada.Polarization between French speaking Quebec and the English speaking provinces tends to peak at times and offers the largest threat to national unity.Large areas of Canadian land is being restored to the First Nations (indigenous) people.

CCI Ministry in Canada: Evangelicals represented 25% of the population in 1900, but currently only represent about 8%. Bible colleges and seminaries committed to a Biblical view of Scripture are fulfilling a major role in strengthening evangelical witness. Some are growing, while others are struggling with enrollment and support. CCI is working in Manitoba and Quebec to prepare a new generation of Christ-like leaders who will be prepared to lead Canada towards a revival and restoration of the Body of Christ through enhanced Bible knowledge, ministry skills, and personal spiritual growth. Pastor Mike Comtois is leading seven classes through Faith Evangelical Bible Church in Winkler, Manitoba.

In 2019, there are currently 10 classes with 201 students being trained with the CCI curriculum.

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