Haiti is on the Western third of the island of Hispaniola, shared with the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean.


Population: 10.17 Million

Language: French and Haitian Creole

Ethnic Groups: 94.3% African Caribbean, 5.4% Eurafrican (Mulatto)

Per Capita Income: $2,700 (2006)

Capital: Port-au-Prince

Religion: 95.12% Christian, 2.78% Ethnoreligionist (An estimated 75% of Christians are also actively involved in Voodoo.

Government: Haiti appears at or near the top of the corruption index despite interventions by the UN and other countries. Crime is rife and 25% of the already-under-strength police force are in the pockets of drug lords and gangs. The 2010 earthquake devastated the infrastructure, caused massive loss of life and led to a massive influx of international aid which may profoundly reshape the course of politics in Haiti.

History: A slave revolt in 1804 led to the first black republic in the world. Since then there has been a history of bloodshed and dictatorships until the deposing of the Duvaliers in 1986. Since then a succession of coups and military governments including a US led intervention in 1994 had done little to instill stability. The UN has maintained a long-term presence in Haiti.

CCI Ministry in Haiti: Leadership training is limited because of the poverty of churches. Many pastors have little training and some are barely literate. After attending the Teacher Training Workshop in Winkler led by Dr. David Nelson, Manitoba, Canada, Pastor Mike Comtois began training classes in 2006 in Haiti through a partnership with Grace Mission. Classes grew and expanded throughout the country. CCI currently has 56 classes going throughout the country with 692 pastors and church leaders in training. CCI trained pastors are also reaching out to Haitians living in the Dominican Republic with the goal of starting classes in that country as well. In 2016 CCI saw the first classes begin using a Creole translation of the CCI courses. This $25,000 translation project will be ongoing through 2020.

In 2019, there are 27 classes with 335 students in training with CCI.

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