India is the second most populated country in the world with 1.3 BILLION people. China has 1.4 BILLION. CCI has been working in India for several years. Currently, we have with 8 primary staff teachers in 5 of the 29 states of India, with 22 training classes equipping 283 untrained pastors and church leaders.

We desire to expand to 20 staff teachers in 2019 to reach more states. Each teacher is responsible to start and teach at lease 4-5 classes. This will help us multiply the number of equipped pastors and church leaders who will be qualified to start their own classes in their areas of great influence.

Each staff teacher is supported $100/month to cover their travel and personal support. CCI is truly making a difference in the lives of thousands in India and we would like to see more students equipped to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions.

Will you help by giving $100/month to support a certified staff teacher in India?

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In 2019, there are 68 classes with 998 students in training with CCI.

Your support of CCI India will help us work with more coordinators to expand this training ministry of equipping more national church leaders to effectively make mature disciples of Jesus Christ and see God’s church expand. 

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