Slightly smaller than Alaska, Mongolia is located between Russia and China. Mongolia is mostly desert and steppe and nominally populated, as most of the people are nomadic farmers. It was only in the mid-1990s that the gospel reached Mongolia, as it shed its Communist domination by Russia.


Population: 3.2 million

Language: Mongolian, Russian

Ethnic Groups: Mongol, Kazak

Per Capita Income: $5,400

Capital: Ulaanbaatar (population of 949,000)

Religions: Buddhism & Shamanism (50%), Christian (6%), Muslim (4%), none (40%)

Government: Presidential parliamentary, Independence Day is July 11, 1921

History: Mongolia is known for its infamous leader Chenggis (aka Genghis) Kahn who conquered nations all the way to Europe. After Chinese rule, Russian backed Communism was installed and led from the mid-1920s until the early 1990s. Now, Mongolia is a parliamentary government ruled by a coalition government. Mongolia has 21 provinces and 1 major city (Ulaanbaatar).

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