Myanmar, or what is known by the majority as Burma, is a country that spreads west and north of Thailand to the Western rim of China. Mostly a Buddhist country, the gospel penetrated here through missionaries like Adoniram Judson and others who gave their lives for Christ. Now, many minority groups in NW Burma have embraced Biblical Christianity.


Population: 47 million

Language: Burmese

Ethnic Groups: Burman (68%), Shan (9%), Karen (7%), Rakhine (4%), Chinese (4%), Indian (2%), and Mon (2%)

Per Capita Income: $1,800

Capital: Naypyitaw

Religions: Buddhism (89%), Christian (4%), Muslim (4%)

Government: Burma is a Union led by a military junta (since the mid-1990s) with 7 states and 7 divisions.

History: Great Britain conquered Burma in the mid-1800s and it became a part of their Indian Empire. Burma became an independent nation in 1948. Military dictator General Win led the country through the 1980s. Elections took place in the 1990s but a military junta continues to imprison Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi through house arrest.

CCI’s ministry here: CCI began ministry here in 2006 when thirty-five pastors and church leaders were trained in using the BTCP concept and curriculum. Since then, over 100 pastors and church planters have been trained and mobilized by partnering organizations. For more information and project needs, please contact us.