Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Laos. For almost 200 years, Protestant missions have labored in Thailand with little fruit. Among the 4,000 local churches in Thailand, thirty percent (30%) do not have a pastor and among the remaining churches that do have a pastor, thirty percent (30%) of these are not trained.

Population: 65 million

Language: Thai, English

Ethnic Groups: Thai (75%), Chinese (14%)

Per Capita Income: $9,200

Capital: Bangkok

Religions: Buddhism (94.6%), Muslim (4.6%), Christian (0.7%)

Government: Constitutional Monarchy, currently King Phumiphon is the reigning monarch.

History: Formerly known as Siam, Thailand has never been under the colonization of any Western nations. In 1932, Siam, later renamed as Thailand and in 1939, adopted a constitutional monarchy.

CCI’s ministry here: In 2002, CCI began ministry training in Thailand. In 2016, Over 200 pastors and church leaders are being trained. CCI curriculum in Thai has been translated and printed. Currently, our training materials in Karen, Kachin and Lisu are being translated. CCI staff are working in Chaingmai, Mukdahan and among the Karen in the north.

In 2019, there are 29 classes with 274 students in training with CCI.

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