The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 coral islands between Florida and Cuba. The 345,736 person population inhabits only forty of these islands.


Population: 345,736

Language: English

Ethnic Groups: 79% African Caribbean, 24% Bahamian, 10.7% European, 7.9% Haitian, 1.6% Jamaican

Per Capita Income: $22,359

Capital: Nassau

Religion: 94.65% Christian, 3.5% non-religious, 1.05% Ethnoreligionist

Government: The Bahamas was granted independence from Britain in 1973 as a parliamentary monarchy.The government has been a stable democracy since 1992.

History: The Bahamas has a strong Christian legacy and many political leaders demonstrate their faith publicly.

CCI Ministry in Bahamas: In 2004, Charles & Sharon Vassallo approached the president of CCI about the need for training in Black Point. Charles and Sharon had been going to Black Point every year by sailboat and been involved in the ministries of the Holy Bible Mission. They realized, however, that they were not equipped to help the church any further. The CCI staff helped train several church leaders at Black Point. In 2011, CCI celebrated its first graduation in the Bahamas with 4 church leaders.

In 2019, there are currently no classes being held.

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