The Philippines

Known as the Pearl of the Orient, the Republic of the Philippines is an island country of 7,107 islands (at high tide) east of Vietnam in the South China Sea.

Population: 91 million

Language: Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Waray, Ilocano, English

Ethnic Groups: 87 ethnic groups; major groups include Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray

Per Capita Income: $5,000

Capital: Manila (14 Million)

Religions: Roman Catholicism (80%), Protestant (8%), Muslim (5%)

Government: Republic with 79 provinces and 117 unchartered cities.

History: After domination by Spain from the 1600s to the early 1900s, American forces defeated the Spanish Armada in the early 1900s. The Philippines became a colony of the US until 1935. After Japanese occupation in the mid-1940s, American and Filipino forces defeated the Japanese military and the Philippines became independent in 1946. After 20 years rule of Dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Cory Aquino gained control of the government after People’s Power and instituted a new constitution. Fidel Ramos led the country from 1992 until 1998. His leadership was characterized by stability and economic and government reform. Joseph Estrada replaced Ramos but was impeached in 2001 and replaced by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She in turn was succeeded by Benigno Aquino III who has led the country since then. Once viewed as a tiger economy in Asia, the Philippines has yet to become a fully developed country. Terrorism and corruption have kept this country from reaching its full potential.

CCI’s ministry here: CCI began the training ministry here in 1999. It is the most developed ministry in Asia, now with over 1,000 pastors and leaders in training and over 1,000 graduates. Pastor Henry Ventura leads the ministry as the CCI Philippines National Director. Regional coordinators include Pastor Manny Gocon (Luzon) and Pastor Nonie Riconalla (Western Visayas).

In 2019, there are 162 classes with 1708 students in training with CCI.

Your support of CCI Philippines will help us work with more coordinators to expand this training ministry of equipping more national church leaders to effectively make mature disciples of Jesus Christ and see God’s church expand.

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