The United States of America is the world’s third-largest nation in area and population with a population of 330 million people.


Population: 330 million

Language: English, with 1 in 5 (20%) speaking a language other than English in the home. Of the 176 indigenous languages, 77 are close to extinction.

Ethnic Groups: 58.1% US Caucasian, 14.7% Latin-Caribbean, 12.2% African-American, 6.6% Eurasian and <2% each of Jewish, East Asian, Arab, Malay, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Indigenous North Americans.

Income: Average income per person is $47,440. The economy of the USA is one of the most diverse and most entrepreneurial.

Capital: Washington D.C.

Religion: 77.62% Christian, 16.5% Non-Religious, 1.65% Jewish, 1.63% Muslim, <1% Other

Government: Constitutional Republic

History: The USA gained independence from Britain in 1776 as a federal republic. The number of states increased from 13 to 50 as the nation expanded west. A strong democratic tradition with an emphasis on private initiative and civil liberties has help to make the nation a world leader. The USA emerged from WWII as the leading industrial and military power in the world.

CCI Ministry in USA: Leadership training abounds within the USA with endless opportunities for gaining theological training. However, many who desire training for ministry are still limited by financial demands, the inability to relocate, and more frequently, language barriers. The number of students enrolling in Bible schools and Seminaries is just maintaining and the number of graduates, with advance decrees in Divinity, is declining while the number of churches grows. CCI is meeting the training needs through a non-formal, training and equipping ministry available in the local church which is preparing Pastors and Church leaders for pastoral ministry, church planting, and cross cultural missions.

In 2019, there are 21 classes with 178 students in training with CCI.

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